Top10 Mistakes A Filmmaker Shouldn't Make by Yuan Yue

As a filmmaker, I always work with mistakes when I am in the field, or in front of editing software, it is those mistakes that make me learn and grow up. 

Let's talk about top10 mistakes that almost every filmmaker or photographer could make (or at least I always make those.) Those mistakes are very critical to the quality of your project and I think every filmmaker should avoid them,

  • Forget batteries
  • Forget storage cards
  • Unintentionally not using stablizers
  • Misundertand the location and time
  • Audio sucks
  • Exposure not correct
  • Confusing composition
  • Subject out of focus
  • Bring wrong lenses
  • Take too many footages or not enough footages

Here is my YouTube video that explains those mistakes in detail and how to avoid them. Check it out. Hope you enjoy it and give it a thumb up!